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HAKI System Scaffolding

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SMART Scaffolder supports HAKI system scaffolding, making it the easiest and most professional way to:

  • Set-out HAKI system scaffolding around a building automatically
  • Automatically create professional construction drawings that can be printed or exported to electronic PDF documents
  • Create an accurate material list based on a configurable HAKI system scaffolding library

SMART Scaffolder is now available with the Cuplok, Formscaff, Frame, Kwikstage and Layher libraries, with more systems being added for future releases.

Setting-out HAKI System Scaffolding

SMART Scaffolder provides some great tools for setting-out HAKI system scaffolding, with colour-coded blocks used to show which bay lengths are used to build the scaffold. You can configure which bay lengths are available and SMART Scaffolder will automatically suggest a layout for you, which you can modify with easy-to-use features.

Any areas of the scaffold that can't be built with your standard bay lengths will be highlighted, allowing you to easily experiment to find the best arrangement of scaffolding.

You can even print this user-friendly display and use it in conjunction with technical drawings when setting-out the scaffold on site.

Haki Setting Out View


HAKI System Scaffolding: Automatic Drawings and Material Lists

SMART Scaffolder can now print accurate drawings and material lists for HAKI system scaffolding, based on a configurable list of components that allows you to only include the materials that you have available in your yard.

HAKI Drawing HAKI Material List

Enhance Your Quotations

SMART Scaffolder  helps you to estimate quantities quickly and easily. You can build a model of even a complicated scaffold in minutes, with the quantities of materials reported as you work.

You can use this information to estimate the cost of the labour and materials required to build the scaffold, for example by using a price per metre run of lift, and impress your clients by including professional 3D images in your quotation. You can even include the easy-to-understand 3D drawings with the technical drawings used on site!


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